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Todd is one of the most brilliant, easiest and fun people to collaborate with and has an amazing ability to translate a set of experiences into a compelling narrative. His passion for distilling down a concept to its essence would help any brand or communication director.

Michael Leifer, CEO, guerilla PR

Clever, creative headlines, body copy, ad campaigns, you name it, Todd always comes up with insightful, targeted and brilliantly crafted copy for whatever my clients and I have needed.

Diana Atkins, Atkins Design

You will not find a better mind than Todd Coleman’s. Period. He is truly brilliant. His perceptive insights always cut to the very essence of what we are trying to do/convey. I learn more about our company, who we are, why we do what we do, every time I hire Todd.  I cannot recommend him highly enough. 

Eric Mathis, CEO, Style Core

Todd’s a phenomenal writer and one helluva storyteller. Not only am I better at what I can do now because I worked with him, but I’m also a better man too. Spending years around a quality human being will have that kind of effect, after all. 

Elijah Bates, Copy Director, Walmart 

Don't believe everything you read. Except maybe this French thing...


Episcopal minister's son from Charleston, SC.

Began as a cartoonist...


Inspired by comic geniuses Walt Kelly (Pogo) and Robert Crumb (Zap Comix). 

Went to NYU to be an animator, came out a filmmaker.

NYU film"Living Dolls" won First Prize in Australia and played on HBO & cable for 13 years.

Wrote and produced

corporate videos in NYC...

Moved to LA, became an entertainment journalist.

Started copywriting for Xerox and Sony Pictures—and never quit. 


Coming soon from Rheo Press: "Confessions of a  Recovering Peter Pan: A Cautionary Memoir."

Walt Kelly's Pogo Possum.jpg

Walt Kelly's Pogo Possum.

Robert Crumb_edited.jpg

Robert Crumb was a little twisted.

Gadzooks by Todd Coleman.jpg

Gadzooks, the world's first Restoration comic book.

Living Dolls (mannequin horror short PD)_edited.jpg
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