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With only 3 weeks, 5 emails, and a completely cold mailing list, we needed to create enough public awareness to qualify Dallas pastor/businessman Ryan Binkley for the 2023 national debates. 


To achieve this, I recommended and implemented...

1) Created a new hashtag #Believe2024 (versus #Binkley2024) that could be leveraged and "owned" across all media.

2) Used #Believe2024 as the "From" email address (versus an unknown candidate's name) to increase open rates.

3) Began all subject lines with,"Dare to believe in..." followed by a lost ideal to  acknowledge voter cynicism and offer hope.

4) Designed email header showcasing candidate's heartland values and good looks, plus his branded logo and hashtag.

5) Created compelling CTAs to increase user engagement, drive traffic to website, and generate leads.

6) Leveraged candidate's status as a political outsider (and pastor) and focused on healing a divided nation.

7) Introduced these elements to the website and social media to create more consistent branding and messaging.

Binkley Email 3 of 5_edited.jpg
"nefarious" MOVIE CAmpaign

How does an indie film with no stars and a tiny ad budget stay in theaters for 9 weeks and earn $5.4 million—despite an overcrowded market (6 simultaneous openings) and only 10 weeks to prep?  Through grassroots marketing that activates strong word-of-mouth.

As marketing promotions manager, I created branded biweekly emails from the filmmakers to the fans, enlisting their support and enrolling them as Hollywood "insiders" to help spread the word.

Wrote, designed and oversaw delivery of 10,000 2-sided poster-mailers to pastors and churches (in 10 days), combining the horror-themed poster with rave-review quotes from prominent church leaders.


Wrote promotional radio "live-reads" for 28 media pundits and thought leaders, from Jordan Peterson to Glenn Beck.

Nefarious-v-The-Pope’s-Exorcist-David-v-Goliath (Apr.18 Email).jpg

Ten million candidates apply to Amazon each year, but only a fraction become warehouse associates.


To increase conversion rates, I created mobile-first standards for all emails—subject lines, preheaders, body copy and CTAs—and applied them across the liefcycle marketing funnel.

I created SOPs for all lifecycle communications (email, text, phone), shifting brand tone and voice from formal, corporate and company-centric to friendly, casual and client-focused. 


Agency: OIC, Pasadena


Wrote 90-day, 60-day, 30-day pre-race and post-race CRM email campaign for extreme athletes (cyclists, runners, triathletes) in the U.S. & Canada, following PowerBar's established brand manifesto and voice.

Also created headlines and copy for an experiential simulation event booth at the Boston Marathon, interviewing  sponsored athletes and incorporating their quotes on the mental game of racing.


Wrote dozens of B2B trade emails for JTI cigarette/e-cig brands (LD, Wave, Logic) to retailers over a six-year period.


LD's share of market (SOM) increased 50% in the super-value category during that period.


LD Trade Email_ScanForMore.jpg
rbc bluesfest CAMPAIGN

Successful CRM email campaign got 48-64% open rates and 16-30% conversion rates.


Bluesfest Email - Ready Set WIN.._edited.jpg
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